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Huamao Hardware Accessories Processing Division of Huizhou Loy Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise focusing on precision CNC machining, precision round knife molds, and various sheet metal R&D, design and processing. The company will enter the hardware accessories processing industry in 2023. Industry, supporting equipment includes: high-speed CNC punch press, high-power laser cutting equipment, high-tonnage bending machine, laser welding machine, CNC spark machine, precision grinder, precision engraving machine and other high-performance processing equipment, as well as two-dimensional and three-dimensional processing equipment Yuan and various supporting testing equipment. It can meet the production requirements of various complex parts and ensure the accuracy and quality of products. We have always adhered to the concepts of efficiency, professionalism and innovation, focusing on the improvement of product quality and customer ···

Development Path


Huamao Hardware Accessories Processing Division was established

  • 2023

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Team Style

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    Team expansion activities

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Service Case

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